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Maintenance Knowledge

Heating coil


The heating coil can be designed and installed in the new air handling unit as a gas heating coil pipe, and can be installed on the air duct as an air duct heater. When the existing unit used to send wind heating system plan to cancel the central boiler room and become independent gas heating, RHC gas heating coil can be installed in the unit or duct replaced the original steam or hot water heating coil.

Product features:
L high efficiency products bring investment returns
L application flexibility - horizontal or vertical mounting on the air passage
L a variety of control options - temperature control accuracy, 1, or 2, or multi-level combustion
L service life - long - heat exchange coil used up and not fixed in the smoke box with welding method, the heat exchange coil material is aluminum steel or stainless steel
L low cost - easy to install and reduce costs

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